Limner 2 is an anthology edited by Alice Lindsay and Peter Willis featuring Jordan Chatwin, Blaise Larmee, Colin David Stewart, Peter Willis, Penny Klein, Murray O'Grady, Stine Belden Røed, Grace Helmer, Jay Cover, Holly Mills, Reena Makwana, Kai Nodland, Reuben Mwaura, Joe Kessler, Liv Taylor, Eric Timothy Carson, Charlotte Mei, Umberto Eco, Ella Mclean, Florence Shaw, Nick White, Alice Lindsay, Good Press, Joakim Ojanen, Mike Redmond, Jon Pilkington, Chie Miyazaki, Lisa Wilkens, Rose Blake, Megan Woof, Dan Shapiro and Isabella Toledo. It was published by Studio Operative in 2013. It is 168 pages, 4.7 by 6.7 inches, bound with thread, CMYK.

Limner 2
Limner 2
Limner 2
Blaise Larmee was born to Susan Isono and Kevin Larmee.
My Parents
Sketchbook 2
Untitled Drawings
Sketchbook 1
Altcomics 2
Mirror Mirror 1