Taffy Hips 8 is an anthology edited by Zara Messano and Gil Gentile featuring Magic Sweater, Gil Gentile, Jesse McManus, Austin English, CF, Allen Riley, Edie Fake, Blaise Larmee, Zara Messano, Garrett Young, Shalo P., Sam Gaskin, Santiago Grijalva Bustamante, Vanessa Davis, Clara Bessijelle, Jason Overby, Inés, Alan Resnick, Patrick Kain, Jesse Moynihan, Lala Albert and Gabe Fowler. It was published by Zara Messano and Gil Gentile in 2010 in an edition of 100. It is 60 pages, half legal (7 by 8.5 inches), bound with thread, and xerograph and screen printed in black and white and 1 color. The cover is by Marie Blanchard. The posters are by Gil Gentile.

Taffy Hips 8
Taffy Hips 8
Blaise Larmee was born to Susan Isono and Kevin Larmee.
My Parents
Sketchbook 2
Untitled Drawings
Sketchbook 1
Altcomics 2
Mirror Mirror 1