02/18/21 11:16 Thinking of a scenario in which autism speaks becomes the primary (most visible / most powerful) defendant of the ‘legitimacy’ (legally, culturally) of autism and everyone has to put aside their differences and side with them if they want to continue the narrative of autism as a real phenomenon 1:58: Cashier wearing basquiat shirt: “this is banksy” 04/11/21 5:13 Autism as a way of taking something like social anxiety and making it pleasurable, seeing it through desire and affect 06/27/21 6:25 When I was in Madison, WI saw a t-shirt guy was walking w gf with said ‘Hung Like Epstein’, very confusing 07/19/21 3:41 Sign i just passed: Make eye contact not body contact 07/29/21 1:21 07/31/21 5:50 Loved an image 5:50 think I drew this moment too