few thoughts recently

one, the sky, just, like, as image
also, the stars as noise -- randomly distributed
also noise -- the beach, the waves, the sand, the glimmer of sun on the water
the windows down 
noise as privacy

took off running and imagined the looney tunes cloud left behind in the general shape of my body
running off into the distance, i became an image
then, later, squatting and my friend approaches, feeling that image under the gaze, become activated
it becomes ironic or something. forced i guess. so it's funny. i smile and wave...

and then having a thought and saying it out loud in a way i could remember
and then a haiku results:
now that i remember
i can forget
Speaker 1 4:01
And we don't have our final bodies yet. And 
and in that sense, we're like spectres 
ourselves online. The way we have our own 
online bodies that are spectral, made up of 
light. And just the many ways this can 
manifest. Youthful, spiritual, feminine. All 
these associated with light lightness and 
magic and transforming. Yeah and spirit 
animals connect to furries and vegans 
connect to ascetic monks and trans of 
course is Mind Body soul problem Yeah, 
furries, trans, vegans. These are examples in 
which our online bodies manifest in the real 
world, where we go into the spectral plane 
and when we come out we still have that 
identity. And it manifests itself in these ways 
that formerly might have been towards the 
extremes of urban identity. There's such a 
chaotic jumble. Mostly like, stratified, but 
there's just such a high volume, a critical 
mass of people, that there's room for this 
extra part.