Young Lions is a book by Blaise Larmee. It was self-published in 2010 in an edition of 1000. It is 96 pages, 5.4 by 8.2 inches, black and white. Awarded a grant from the Xeric Foundation.

"Once in a while a lot of attention will be paid to someone’s hair or another detail and it will be completely shaded," said Julia Rothman.

"It is also, most obviously, the work of a young man (born in 1985) trying to understand the mythologies he’s interpreted for himself," said Dan Nadel.

"It is difficult to separate Larmee’s theories from his actual work, so all I can do is take both at face value," said Rob Clough.

"A fairly straightforward "aimless young smart people" graphic novella in the vein of Adrian Tomine or Ghost World-era Dan Clowes, drawn in the wispy, dreamlike style of C.F," said Sean T. Collins.

"Young Lions is a somewhat controversial book (which we're always happy to see) around the Atomic offices," said Benn Ray.

"Un truc complètement mystique, un style retro, très plaisant même si on comprend pas tout," said Akiki.

"Reading Young Lions is like clapping to keep Tinkerbell alive," said Martyn Pedler.

"3.85," said Goodreads.